Matters Relating to Marital Relations

Male and Female Anatomy

It is useful to understand the fact that up to the age of 9 weeks in the womb, there is no visible difference in the male amd female genitals.

It is after this that they develop in separate ways. Thus, the parts of each have correponding parts in the other. The penis corresponds with the clitoris, the testes with the ovaries, the scrotum with the outer lips of the vulva, and so on.  However, the uterus and the upper part of the vagina develops from proto-female ducts that atrophy in the male.  Similarly, proto-male ducts atrophy in the female

By understanding this, each can have a better idea of both their own body and the body of their partner.

In particular it is important to understand the correspondence between the clitoris and the penis.


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